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All Comments

I have a e machine computer T3104 Sem Pron Processor 3100T, and the screen is black bad disk.?
Can this computer be saved or is it too old to repair now?
if the screen is black when you first turn it on it has a corrupt BIOS or bad power supply.

If your computer turns on fin in your operating system attempts to any goes to a black screen when it attempts to load it could be a configuration error or corruption within the system files.

I'm doing a nondestructive system restore if this is not help e-mail me.
Why does my boyfriend look up black porn?
He's dark skinned and I'm white.....we have been dating for 4 months and he's never looked up pron before...but now I caught him lookin up black pron on his phone...n I hate that **** too...does that mean he's starting to be interested in other girls?
I dont know why most women seem to get this idea stuck in their head that if their bf is looking up porn he must be bored or on the look out for something else
A guy looking up porn is like women looking at dresses at a clothing store, just because you are looking dosent mean you are going to home and chuck all your old clothes away are you?
Porn can help give a guy a bit of varity for those not in a open relationship (can you honestly say that you have never looked at another guy and say he is not hot etc)
Is it true what they say about black guys?
I was looking at some pron and this huge black dick was in their. So is it true? And why has the white man not evolved yet? Thanks!
its all about the motion in the ocean baby!
Now that I might lose electricity tonight. what are some good black out games?
lets just say there are a lot of storms coming and I live in a black out pron area
Board games of all kinds, card games, read by flashlight, guessing games. Make sure you have extra batteries for your flashlights and radio.
Why does my b/f always look at black girls?
I found my b/f with videos of rap video girls doing light pron and he always is looking at black girls with big, round behinds. It bothers me alot because that is not what I am and I am not put together like they are. What should I do?
Maybe he fantasizes about girls with big butts...But you gotta let him know that you're reality, not fantasy..So tell him to snap out of it!
Looking at all the turmoil on the continent of Africa, could it be said that blacks are more violence pron?
Does tribal violence (still today in Africa) equal gang violence in American cities today. Blacks killing blacks for their gang/tribal affiliations?.... No, I don't want to come off as raciest it is just a question. Or is this an educational problem. The greater your education level the less likely you are to use violence as a means to settle a difference,.
I think it's more of the environment than the race itself. A lot of black people here live in bad neighborhoods and this behavior is learned at an early age and most just don't overcome it. Before everyone gets all upset about what I'm saying just realize I'm a black guy and I see it everytime I'm in the hood. Kids having guys people just being all ignorant and it really makes me sick. I don't know why we can't focus on education instead of sex, violence, and drugs. I don't feel sorry for anybody that can't overcome their own ignorance.
Is not that i have watch porno but im taking and black studies class!?
expertsa say that in pron film blacks are given the role of being more aggresive rather than the scenes that whites do because it look like they are actually doing love opposed to the blacks which looks more hardcore!!!
If they are making love it's not a porno movie. I don't know about the study question, but it's certainly something worth looking in to.
What do you think of this combo? Keep in consideration that I'm African American/Black!?
MaKenzye A'Niyah
pron. (muh-ken-z uh-ny-uh)


Kyndal Symone (you should know how its pronounced)

And please try to be as polite as possible, it would greatly appreciated!
Thanks in advance!! :-)
I think both names are beautiful, and I think you chose really great names.
However, regardless of ethnicity, I still prefer all names to be spelled the usual way.
I much prefer the spellings McKenzie, Kendall, and Simone.
Just my honest opinion!

Good luck! =]
What are some decorative ideas for the prom theme "An Evening in Paris"?
I'm part of the Decor committee for my school pron, and we have settled upon "An Evening in Paris" as our prom theme.

Lighting-wise, we're thinking many blacklights, and on the table will be vases with white and black roses.
We might have a street lamp in one corner...

any other ideas?
You have to have a painting or mural or something with the Eiffel Tower.
Why do people keep accusing me of obsessing over black women, when that's clearly not the case?
I'm not into black women. Every black women I have ever encountered has been rude, selfish, materialistic, tooo strong for my taste, bad attitude, gum popping, lip smacking, neck rolling, ghetto, and disrespectful. I know I'm not missing anything in the bedroom department either. I've seen some black on black porn, and I end up feeling sorry the black guy, most of them look bored out of their mind. Woooo Whooooo....I got a big ole booty...blah blah blah. Black women don't give BJ's in most of them, and its pron for Christs sake, and the ones that do, leave a whole lot to be desired. I am more then happy with white women.

You are a white MAN yet I have NEVER seen you ask ONE questions and degrade black MEN. WHY IS THAT?

White men like YOU who constantly rag on black WOMEN *key word-WOMEN* instead of fellow MEN shows your bullying cowardly nature.

EDIT: And STOP creating pseudo profiles of your damn self and answering your own damn questions. You look pathetic and it shows you are unmedicated as h*ll.

©, black pron