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Has anyone been to a college sex party?
Ive seen the pictures online but they seem to be fake or impossible to be real, can people actually have sex in front of others?
I mean how gross and it must stink.
How easy is it to get a college sex party??? :)?
I was just wondering since i'm really looking forward to pound some girls in those parties :) does every college have them? some more than others? give me as much info as possible :)
Most have them, but you'll find the hottest are at the frat parties where the girls are beautiful, and as wild as you could ever imagine.
Can you party in college without drinking or having sex or will you just be a loner?
I'm going to college next year and I don't want to drink or do anything stupid like sex at a college party. So is partying even an option? Can I enjoy parties or will they just be a waste of time cause I won't fit in?
Of course you can! Just dance and have fun.
Plus, you can watch everyone else make idiots out of themselves without embarrassing yourself.
Don't worry, this won't make you a loner.
Just have a good time and the party will follow you : )
Those web sites where they have wild college sex parties -does that stuff actually happen?
Maybe I'm going to the wrong college, but when you see those advertisements for porn sites that have videos of wild college sex parties, they look very realistic, but I've never seen anything like that at my college, or any other college I've visited. Are they real or set up like other porn?
Both. They are around. If you are really interested in that sort of thing, just ask around. However, you may not find them to be as much fun as they seem. I've always preferred one on one with a woman and find it to be much more meaningful.
College sex party. is it real?
i heard from a friend of mine that every year in her university in the US, there will be a huge party and sometimes there are drunk people having sex in the middle of the party?

Yes. It happens.
College & sex & partying?
Hey you college ppl out there....
Is having sex life in college really that common as everyone says? I mean, I dont mind doing it with a guy i love, but I think it'll be uncomfortable /awkward being around ppl who are very sexually active.. cant reallyexplain what crosses my mind...
Anyways, how much do you party per week??
You are over-thinking this. College is the first time most students are away from their parent's supervision and many will be experimenting with new lifestyles in preparation for becoming adults. You are unlikely to be directly exposed to unexpected sexual activity -- they will not be doing it in the streets -- and you can (and should) simply decline to participate in any activity that makes you uncomfortable.

It may be advisable to keep your opinions about other student's lifestyles to yourself; you are not their parent and they will not be looking for a parental surrogate. Quite the contrary; they will be deciding, for themselves, how they want to live their lives.

Some students will also be experimenting with binge drinking -- partying on Friday and/or Saturday night. Partying more often than this usually results in flunking out.
How prevalent are college sex parties? :D?
They look fun. I am going to college.
Well you might not learn alot from college, but you will walk away from it with 50 STI's
Party sex with a college star?
i've been together with my gf for 5 month. last sunday she was parting without me and came home just next morning. she looked messed up and avoided talking to me.
then on monday in college a guy who is our local star told me he had had sex with my girl after that party..
later i asked her if it was true and she told me that she drank too much and at some point happened to be in her friend's bedroom without jeans and that guy was doing stuff to her.. she was too drunk to resist.

do u think she tells me the truth? i know before she had a crush on the guy..
She could have been dosed and date raped. For argument sake let's say this ''star'' did it just so he could tell you she cheated on you. To break you guys up or for whatever reason in his sick head.
on the other hand, most likely she got waaayy trashed and porked this guy without really realizing what she was doing.
She was probably confused herself if she was too intoxicated. The point is here, her judgment was impaired and her having sex was not something she did intentionally to hurt you.
You and her need to talk about it to find out where you stand in this relationship. Let her give you an explanation and an apology. don't confront her just listen and talk calmly.
But, if you love her, and she hasn't given you any indication of lying to you before-why not give her the benefit of a doubt.
College Sex Parties? What Happens At College?
I,v seen pictures of people having sex with each other then I see guys having FUN with each other and girls having FUN with each other.....are they gay or is that just what ends up happening in college Every Body has sex with every body? Is that what happens in college? Shaw your experience?
Uhh.. I don't know what kind of colleges you have over there, but if it is anywhere near the ones they have here in Sydney, none of that kinky stuff happens (at least as much as I'm aware).
College = Parties, Sex, Drunk, Education, Fun? Tips please? 10 pts!?
Okay so I'm going away to college next year. Its about 3 hours away from home and I need any tips that I can get.
What to bring? What not to bring? Car or no? How much to party? Do ppl really have sex at the parties? I drink, should I limit that? How much partying? Money. What not to spend on? What not to waste my money on. I know college guys sometimes are broke. I don't want to be buying stupid stuff. Teachers. Form a relationship with them? How? What to do if my roomie is annoying or if she has her bf over or something. What if my roomie is dirty!?!?! Omg! Should I jump right into sports and clubs in my first year or just chill? How to make friends? How much do I study? Just any tips on important and random stuff about college. Thanks. 10 point will be given to best answer. :)
What to bring?

The usual stuff. Clothes, Cell Phone, fridge, microwave.

What not to bring?

Don't bring a TV, video games, and only bring a computer that's just strong enough to do your research / homework.

Car or no?

Yes, bring your car if at all possible.

How much to party?

Keep it to the weekends, skip it if you can't keep up with your schoolwork.

Do ppl really have sex at the parties?

Oh yeah. good times.

I drink, should I limit that?

Keep it to 2 days a week maximum.

How much partying?

2 nights a week maximum.

Money. What not to spend on?

Whatever you do, don't get roped in by "student credit card offers". For the love of GOD do not sign up for any of those credit cards under any circumstances.

What not to waste my money on. I know college guys sometimes are broke. I don't want to be buying stupid stuff.

You can be the judge of that. Avoid designer clothes, jewelry, just skip that luxury stuff, you can pull off a great look without it.

Teachers. Form a relationship with them? How?

Sure. Best way to form a relationship is to show genuine interest in the topic, and talk about it after class with them... If you find stuff that relates to teh class independantly and show interest in it, they'll love you and almost certainly give you an A.

What to do if my roomie is annoying or if she has her bf over or something.

Just be direct, if you don't it leads to passive aggressive nonesense. If you have problems, just talk about them openly and directly, don't play games.

What if my roomie is dirty!?!?!

Discuss it with them directly.

Omg! Should I jump right into sports and clubs in my first year or just chill?

If that's what you enjoy doing, then sure, get involved right away!

How to make friends?

You'll make friends with the people in your dorm, and with the people you share activities with. Watch out for guys that "just want to be friends", they mostly are just waiting for you to get drunk so they can "accidentally" have sex with you. Be wary.

How much do I study?

Study a lot, it's why you're there. Get straight As. You can do it.

Just any tips on important and random stuff about college. Thanks. 10 point will be given to best answer. :)

If there's anything else you want to know, add me on messenger and I'll tell you everything I learned in 5 years of undergrad and 3 years of law school :)

Oh and if you can, get yourself a prescription for Adderrall, it makes collegiate live 1000 times easier.

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