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All Comments

IS there really parts of disney movies that have sex related things hidden in them?
I've heard that the lion king has "sex" written in the clouds and that other disney movies have sex related things hidden in them because the movie people were trying to protest against the small amount of money they were getting paided? Is this true? And where can I go to watch the clips?
HIDDEN sex images in DISNEY movies?
Do you belive they are true , I think they are .
Ive seen a whole video on youtube on this I think but I cant find it right now

watcha think?

there is all kinds of subliminal messages from Disney and all kinds of shows and guys cartoons its terrible, there is something very wrong with people who do this BS.
Has anyone heard of the Disney movie sex hoaxes.?
I remember hearing a while back about little pornographic things hidden in some disney movies and I remember seeing a few of them like on the front cover of the Little Mermaid video cassette tape, ther was a penis hidden in the golden castle in the background (look for yourself, I dont know about the dvd though)
Also in the movie in the end when the guy was getting ready to marry the evil squid looking lady, when the preist says the words "dearly beloved" he starts to get a woody in his pants.
Also in Aladdin, Aladdin wispers "ake of your clothes" when he's on princess jasmines balcony and her pet tiger Raja attacks him.

Contains a list of all the urban legends about Disney movies, including all those sex ones.
What are some hidden messages about sex roles for either males or females in Disney movies?
If you could give some examples, that would be great.

I already have that women need a man to be happy (Cinderella, Snow White, etc.) What are some other views on sex roles that Disney gives?
Males save female characters and are expected to be the strongest man ever while also being effeminate and lacking confidence. Women are all either evil and out to kill more attractive women or basically helpless and naive.

Oh, and everybody's parents are either dead, missing, unimportant, or about to die.
In every Disney movie there is some form of a sex related hidden comment. May I please have a list of this?
Aladian-you hear take off your clothes
Lion King- the word SEX in the dust
Little Mermaid- the penis on the front cover
you have wayyyyyyyyyyy too much free time
Are there hidden sex messages in any more recent disney films?
i was recently reading about the secret sex messages in some of disney's early movies and was wondering if anyone knew if there are messages like that in any more recent movies (such as cars, bolt, tinkerbell, etc.)? Or just in any other movies besides aladdin, little mermaid, rescuers, and who framed rodger rabit.
I think a lot of these so-called messages are taken way out of proportion.
Hidden sexual messages in the disney movies?
do you really think they put hidden sexual messages in the disney movies on purpose or just all a big coincidence? i mean lion king was one of my favorite movie of all time when i was younger and i actually did see when it say sex in the dust but disney went on to say it really says sfx. i don't know if i believe them...i mean really...sfx?
It wouldn't surprise me.
Disney's Hidden messages in movies?
Can someone provide me with a website where i can see all the hidden messages that they put in Disney movies? I know that they have a lot, like the one where they spell out the word SEX in the Lion King movie, so could someone give me a link to a website where i can see all of them? Please and thanks.


Does anyone know the hidden dirty disney secrets? Besides the known ones such as the word "sex" in the Lion?
King, the genie telling teenagers to take off their clothes in aladdin, the little mermaid erection from the priest and the castle cover formed in the shape of a male penis, the resuers down under naked lady in the window, snow white (cocain) and the seven dwarfs (symptoms), and of course alice in wonder land which is all one big drug refrenced movie.
Snow White is based on an old fairy tale (Grimms?), so Disney is not responsible for that.

Also Alice in Wonderland is Lewis Carroll, and is definitely influenced by drugs and plays out like one giant chess game. So Disney is not responsible for that either.

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