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All Comments

What do you think of a female artist advocating women's rights by painting and sculpting female breasts?
Putting them on display where guyren can see.

E.g. Breasts with wings flying, hovering over people, breasts stacked on each other making a mountain of breasts, etc., etc. She said she's advocating women's rights and didn't specifically say anything about breast cancer awareness. Is she just showing her obsession with female breasts and tries to rationalize it by saying she's advocating for women's rights?
Sounds pretty stupid to me. It does absolutely nothing to help any woman anywhere. It has absolutely nothing to do with women's rights. Nobody looking at her "art" (shart, if you ask me) will be changed by it. It's just stupid. She's probably only doing it for shock value. Maybe she's also attracted to women. Who knows? Either way, I think it's stupid.
Why do people make a big deal about covering female breasts, but not so much about male breasts?
I don't quite understand why people find it indecent to have females topless in public. However, topless men are less of a big deal. I'm male and yes, I'm attracted to female breasts. However, my girlfriend finds my breasts attractive, too. I don't understand why people see male and female breasts so differently.
it is due to the male sexual response. don't ask me to explain why, but we all know that the sight of the naked female breast drives straight men to passion and lust. while women may be attracted to male chests, there is nowhere near the same involuntary, immediate response.

we cannot have you straight guys jumping on and abusing all the lovely females...us women, on the other hand, we can handle it, when we see half naked guys. we know how to act. : )
If your husband developed female like breasts and was not obese and was a great husband, would you keep him?
I realize that a pair of female breasts (44B) on a man might not be the most appealing to a woman but would you love him even with the breasts and learn to enjoy his breasts? Thats what I did. I love my husband and his big boobs. Its not a big deal when you truly love your husband.
I would still love my man, I couldn't imagine leaving him for a simple reason like a change in his looks. He could lose an arm and turn purple and I'd still love him the same. I don't think you should marry someone based on looks, you should marry and love a person because they are genuine, kind, caring and loving.

Physical attraction is important to a certain level, but if that is your biggest hang up, you should reconsider if you really love the person.

I think that the man I love is beautiful, not only based on physical attraction, but his personality and actions.
Why are female breasts considered to be sex objects?
The only function of the breasts is to feed infants. Why this obsession with breasts as something titillating - so much so that even nursing mothers find it difficult to nurse their babies in public places, shopping malls etc? And even female staff at such places are highly uncooperative and seem to harbor a grudge against any woman who seeks a little secluded place where to feed the baby
They're not in a lot of cultures, which is why going topless is ok. Men do it.

I'd say nipples should rank up there with mouths for sexuality, but obviously it goes beyond this.

Some societies are just too prudish.
Is american men being attracted to female breasts?
is american (and other cultures of course) men being attracted to female breasts (as sexual) a natural human instinct or is it a learned behavior? What do you think and why?
It's innate in all men worldwide and the bigger they are the more attracted we are. That's why in Muslim countries they make women wear shapeless bags and cover up to the neck, to make sure no men get lustful thoughts when they see a woman's curves. In America where many women wear much less and show them off, don't be surprised if you get a reaction. Try a shapeless bag for a week and see what happens.
Larger breasts shows a higher prolactin hormone level which means more capacity to nurture. Its a natural survival mechanism.
Female breasts!?
Ok, I find it really strange that even though I'm a boy I have some feminine in me and that's partly what makes me look better in girl clothes. Is is normal to have boobs like a girl has?? They started when I was about 11 and have been growing, and now i'm 15 and have been in a bra since 13.
What's also strange is my face is more feminine and somtimes people mistake me for a girl because of my face and it's been that way since I was young. I also have a girlish voice =(. I'm not really growing facial hair. And even my butt is more feminine. What the heck is going on?!
Sounds like you have more female hormones than male hormones.
Everybody appreciates female breasts, so why do we declare them obscene?
What's funniest to me is that the degree of obscenity goes up if you can see the nipple vs. if you can't.

Men have nipples too, you know. We see them all the time as shirtless men mow their lawns or whatever- they're not edited out as obscene with black bars. Just female breasts. Especially female nipples.
It's all in our mind. You see tribal cultures where women expose their breasts, and the men don't consider breasts as sexual organs and their not harassed by their men. In a lot of the so called civilized cultures we haven't just sexualised breasts, but the legs, the hips, neck, ears, even hands have and are considered sexually arousing by men in our culture. It's all BS at the end of the day, made up by religious perverts and Advertising men trying to sell sex. Just look at the way we sexualise guys now, when did 5 yr olds need bras?
How do you calculate the WEIGHT of female breasts?
And no - I don't mean the cup size!
Is there a table where you can input your correct bra size or measurements and the weight is then given?
Alternatively, I don't mind doing a little maths (As long as it's not too complicated please!) if there is a formula just as long as I can get a rough idea of what proportion of a woman's weight is taken up by her breasts, and how you work out the approximate weight in ounces preferably, but grammes would be fine. Thanks for the help.
I actually have nooo idea?! Let me know when you get the answer cause that would be cool to find out! XD
What is the scientific reason on why nice female breasts attract males?
serious question. I know in my own case , nice attractive breasts draw me like a moth to a light. Why does this happen and what is the evolution behind this happening?
1) Because breasts mimic the shape of the buttocks, which is the site of the reproductive organs in primates.

2) Large breasts = large fat stores necessary to carry and nurse offspring, which means mating with this member improves the chances that offspring will survive.

Pretty straightforward stuff.
When did the sexualization of female breasts start?
This might be a shock to many girls, but breasts are there for babies, but leaving the advantages and disadvantages of breast feeding aside, when did the people start looking at boobs as sex objects.
At the same time the word 'sexualization' was invented.

Thank you, I know that. Are you suggesting the word has been in usage since verbal communication evolved? You need to go fek y'self.

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