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Millsberry Champions!? you can see ofr yourself. any problem? we can help. just look at the details and get free stuff, healthe points, spiderman squirters, ANYTHING!
This is not a question and the website link doesn't even work!
Is it something that really happens? Ladies are any of you squirters? If its real does it come anywhere close to the vids or is that purely fabricated and overblown?

I have another question with only 1 answer so far....feel free to answer it too ;);_ylt=AjJw1.u8eZHaCUx7KPNI8FTsy6IX;_ylv=3?qid=20090430104257AA4f9va

Oh yes it's real. It's mindblowing real!
Hello Cheerinangel please respond?
Cheerinangel I found some of your answers and they said your username on Millsberry. So I looked at your house and it is amazing. But I was wondering..... you have so many water squrters can I have a Spiderman one? I'll do anything for it(Pay any ammount of money, give you a rare item, or you can give it to me for free and we can be friends. We could send each other rare items once in a while) I already have the other 3 water squirters so can I have a Spiderman one? My username on Millsberry is jlohnik(NOT Jlonik). Just answer and tell me what item or what price. Or give it to me for free. We could send each other rare items all the time. ONLY CHEERINANGEL ANSWER!
I will sell you this at a very reasonable price :)
Click on this if you have a MILLSBERRY!?
Give me your username and just your username (NO passwords needed) and the date you joined i'll send you a Spider-Man™ 3 Venom Water Squirter!!!
I'm not lying, i thought i might have a little fun becouse i found an extra water squirter on sale 4 only 110millsbucks!

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That sounds awesome! I would love if you did that!

Username: cutiepie234570

Date I joined: January 22, 2006

Thanks again when you send it!

And 110 millsbucks is a great deal! Who did you buy it from??
CHeerinangel please respond!?
I see you give people a lot of free items on Millsberry. 1 time you said you gave me a free item and refused to give me any more, you never ever gave me a free item. So, if you send 'jlohnik' on MIllsberry a Spiderman water squirter(Only Spidey not Sandman, Venom, or Goblin) Then tell me a price you want for it. I have 277,361 MB. Put something on your yard sale between that price and I'll buy it.
I'm sorry but right now I do not have any extra of the red spiderman squirters I am willing to give away.

They are worth like 10 million millsbucks in yard sales right now, but I will keep my eye out for you.

Good luck
ok like you know how this month they are giving out those free wacky things in millsberry if you find a water squirter or something?well what are those and does anyone know where to find one?
i found a backwards pony tail at the post office. i just kept clicking on "outbox" & then a little spiderman came up, so i clicked on him. then it said GOTCHA & gave me a backwards ponytail.
Are you a Real Man Of Genius?
are u any of these

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Resolving two fighting cats?
We have 2 male cats, which we've had since december 2009. 1 year old and 2 years old and both have been desexed. They are free to go inside and out as they please.

Each time they started a fight, we'd try the lemon and water squirter, making loud noises, banging something. I even tried separating the younger one (I think he's the one starting the fights) and putting him in another room.

None of this has worked and just now they've started yowling and hissing at each other while fighting.

For some reason, they don't fight when they're eating together or sleeping together on the cat tree, though the younger one will reach out to the older one form time to time.

I've thought about getting rid of the younger cat as he got to the house after the older one, and he seems to be causing most fights, but this is a last resort.

Can anyone suggest anything that will definately help?
get a dog, they will unite as one against him!
Worked for me!! haha unintentional :P
How do you take care of a baby mouse?
Ok, so we just found a baby mouse in a woodpile and the mother ran away and hasn't come back. I don't have the heart to leave him/her outside because I know it will die over night so we decieded to take care of him/her until he/she is old enough to let free. We have 1% milk, is it ok to feed him/her that in a medicine squirter thing if we warm it up? Also, we put him/her in a hamster exercise ball with hamster shavings and some hamster food, it that ok? And one last thing, we aren't able to keep him/her in the house so we put it outside in the ball with a blanket around the ball, what else can we possibly do to help it besides bringing it in the house or feeding it kitten milk? We have hamsters so we have all those supplies if that helps any.
You will need an orphan kit to start your hand feeding of the mouse. Following is a suggested list:

K.M.R. – Kitten Milk Replacement Formula – can be found in pet stores powdered form is best – it is important to dilute the powdered form by twice the recommended amount of water

Syringe – make sure it is the proper size for the formula to go through-insulin syringes work well

Bedding – paper towels, unscented toilet paper or Kleenex or clean towel with no loose threads (threads could cut off circulation if they got caught around parts of the baby)

Heating pad – put it on the lowest setting - place it under the home – make sure a towel is placed between the pad and the house – check frequently to make sure it does not get too warm – the proper temperature for a nest is 80 degrees – once the baby gets to be two and one half weeks, she can maintain her own body temperature better as long as the room is not cold

Q-tips – these will help the mouse go to the bathroom – baby mice cannot do this by themselves, so it is crucial that you help her remove the wastes from her body

Scale – used to determine weight so proper amount of food is given

Feeding instructions – newborns until the eyes are open have to be fed every one to two hours – once the eyes are open, you can feed the mouse every three to four hours – a baby should be fed .05 cc per gram of their body weight per feeding – never force feed – be careful not to get the formula in the nose or lungs, as she can easily suffocate – feed from the side of the mouth, and be very patient – it may take awhile for the baby to get used to the syringe - once the eyes are open, you can start to wean her and introduce solid foods such as K.M.R. (one part K.M.R. to two parts water) mixed with white rice or bread – start a water bottle at this point, too – make sure it is low enough for the baby to reach – a bottle top, such as from a human water bottle, can also be used to begin, if the mouse water bottle with ball type seems too difficult at first for her to use – never use a full size water bowl, as she can drown - between three and one half and four weeks, the mouse should be completely weaned

Bathroom – it is extremely important to help the mouse go to the bathroom, as she cannot do it by herself-she will become bloated, blocked up, and die - after she is done eating, gently massage her belly with the q-tip – rub very softly until she goes – you can also try dribbling warm water over the genital area, or lightly wipe the area with a warm, moist q-tip or cotton ball - if she does not immediately relieve herself, take a break and try again later but make sure she finally goes

There is an international rehabilitation site for help with all types of wildlife. It is as follows:…

If you need further assistance, try the Wildlife Rehabilitation Information Directory (W.R.I.D.) as follows:…

The W.R.I.D. is also linked to the Wildlife Agencies site for more state by state contacts at the following:

All of the above sites have either state by state contacts for rehabilitation facilities or valuable wildlife information. You should be able to find an appropriate location near where you live for help with this animal.

The KMR is best to use. Cow's milk is too hard for mice to digest. A shoe box would work as a temporary home for the baby. You must keep her indoors. If the predators do not kill her, then the cooler temperatures will. Baby animals require warmth. Also, the baby needs feeding quite frequently, so best to keep by your side anyway.

As you can see, it is a lot of work to try and keep this baby alive. I commend you for wanting to save her, and certainly would not fault you if you were to decide and call a wildlife rehabilitation center to take over. Even very experienced people have a difficult time of it with babies, so if you do keep her and lose her, it is not for lack of trying.

All the best to you and this little one. Thank you for caring about the precious life of this mouse.

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