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Girl movies?
There is this girl i might hang out with it will be just me and her she cant go to the movies so i want to bring them to her. She likes horror and comedy. any ideas what i should bring to her?
Employee of the Month. It is me and my boyfriend's favorite movie. It is HILARIOUS!
Girl Movies?
What are some good movies to watch with your friends?
the notebook
13 going on 30
What are some good girl movies that have to do with water and would be good to watch at a water themed party?
I am having a water themed party and now i have almost everything planed out but i need some good girl movies to watch that match the theme of the party
blue crush
jaws! lol

Where can i watch american girl doll movies?
My little cousin keeps bothering me because she wants to see the american girl doll movies. 10 points for whoever gives me a channel or a website that shows american girl movie.
PS: If you give me a channel PLEASE try NOT to give me a number, if you can give me a network like THE HALLMARK channel.
Actually Hallmark channel was the last place to show the movies. However, that was around the Holidays and I highly doubt they will show them again until around next Thanksgiving, or if we are lucky, with the "Kit" movie release in June. You can also watch for listings on Disney Channel and Family Channel because they aired the original premieres.

I do know that when Amrican Girl was going to have them shown they sent an email out to customers. So you may want to signup for emails from them to get a heads u about the shows.

Other then these options you are stuck with either renting, or purchasing the movies. Watch the AG website because many times the movies have been mae available for only $5 per DVD.
Is it bad for a guy to like girl movies?
I am a guy and for some reason I like movies like the Notebook and A Walk to Remember. A lot of guys think these movies are terrible and only girls like them. I just kind of think wanting to do something special like the guys do in these movies for a girl. Is it bad to like these kind of movies that only usually girls like?
well i guess not but i dont think a guy would...that would be fu...silly
What are some good teen girl movies to watch?
What are good movies for a 14 year old girl to watch? Chick flicks?

A cinderella story
P.s i love you
step up/step up 2
st trinians
in her shoes
freaky friday
17 again
dirty dancing
the notebook
maid in manhatten
titanic :)
mamma mia
legally blonde
angus thongs and perfect snogging
harry potter :)
high school musical

thats all i can think of haha, hope i helped :)
Is there a Gallagher Girl movies coming out?
I've been seeing trailers made by fans on youtube that a Gallagher Girl movie is coming out. Is this true? If so, does anyone have the real trailer?
If someone believes in love and waiting for your favorite movies with great patience, you urgently need to look at the website dedicated to movies and TV series, the sooner you do, the faster you will enjoy the full movie viewing your favorite movies, faster than you here
Top ten best teen girl movies of all time?
What are the top ten teen girl movies of all time? It's movie night at my place, and my friends want chick movies. Remember we are 12-13 year olds. Plus we some movies like Kung Fu Panda and Hortan Hears a Who. Thanks for your help! Very much appreciated!
1. House Bunny
2. Juno
3. Mean Girls
4. Legally Blonde
5. Legally Blonde 2
6. Just like Heaven
7. The Perfect Man
8. Any Marykate and Ashley films
9. My Girl
10. Over her dead body.
What are some cheesy teen girl movies?
I'm not necessarily looking for a romance, but I really like the movies with, I don't know, boarding school girls, or groups of people plotting an adventure

Ex. Wild Guy or St. Trinians

ANy suggestions would be great!
i only know one i can think of, its a Nick movie, my friend and i used to watch it because it was just so funny. It's called Angus Thongs and Perfect Snogging
Some teenage girl movies like the Princess Diaries and What A Girl Wants?
I want to watch a teenage movie in which a girl's lifestyle changes rapidly just like in the Princess Diaries and What A Girl Wants. Actually, it doesn't necessarily have to be a teenage movie. It can be a movie like Pretty Woman. So any suggestion?
P.S.: It would be really helpful if you could give a site for me to watch the movie you suggest.
Maid in Manhattan maybe?
Roman Holiday, which is one of my all time favorites, is also about a sudden change in lifestyle. (Audrey Hepburn is gorgeous)

You can likely watch both here:

Good luck!

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