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Hairy penis?
The other day I heard this girl talking bout this guy she was with and he had a hairy penis, not just at the base but all the way up to the bellend. Can this actually happen?
I have seen guys with hair so thick, it looks like hair is from it, but I have never actually seen hair on the shaft
Hairy Penis?
I am white and i am pretty hairy in all different parts of my body, including now my PENIS...i was so MAD ! the only place that i thought i was safe from hair...i noticed it growing in the side of my penis, then in the other side....i have to cut it now when it gets too long, trim it i guess, it just sucks...has anyone else had this same problem? Has definately made me more self-consicious of just sucks !
Alot of girls like hairy men and don't mind it. I am hairy and proud!!!
Is it normal to have a hairy penis?
I have had a hairy penis for about for all my life. It is covered in long brown hair, all the way to the head. i have shaved it but it grows back within 2 days. Is this normal?
very normal
Is it normal to have a hairy penis? What do the girls think?
Embarrassing question, but is it normal for their to be hair on the shaft of my penis. It goes upwards towards the head of the penis and is mostly on the sides, and bottom.

I'm also uncircumcised.

I'd also like to know what girls think about that, and if I'm weird or something.
I'm the same way. If it really bothers you, then you can trim it down (or shave it completely, but that's risky esp. since the hair is on the actual shaft). I'd just leave it though. You're not weird, just hairy down there.
When i hit puberty my penis was hairy?
when i hit puberty my penis grew large in size and started getting really hairy all over
i was on;y 8 when i hit puberty which should i do?
should i shave or will it fall off?
growing and growing hair is all a part of puberty it wont fall out shave if you wont
Do Women prefer shaved penis of hairy?
I have bee wondering for a while now whether women prefer hairy balls and penis, or rather them to be shaved smooth. Any feed back is welcome.
Honestly shaved because i hate when im giving someone oral and i get hair in my mouth... it just makes me heave, its a horrible feeling and I really appreciate it when a guy shaves or even trims. Also if you shave or even just trim it makes your penis look bigger so thats a plus.
How to get a hairy penis?
I want more hair to grow on it.
As you get older the hair growth on your penis seems to creep up on it. When I was 21 I had no hair on my shaft, but now at 36 everytime I shave I'm having to shave further up the shaft. My friend says the same thing. I can't figure out why you would want a hairy penis but the best answer I can give is give it time. But no women wants a mouth full of hair (or man if you roll that way).
Very Hairy Penis,What do i do?
I have a very hairy penis,the hair is all over my balls and half way up my penis.

I tried shaving,but it just made the hair growth more rapid , i tried hair removing cream but i had a skin reaction.

I cant afford laser treatment,Any advice apart from waxing???
why bother
Girls only: do you like a hairy penis or a clean shaved penis?
just wondering what women like now adays do you like a hairy dick or a non hairy dick (clean shaved)
You know how long wanking is more pleasurable than short wanking does it make your penis more hairy?
is it a bad thing about yourself to **** at 14?
I have no idea what your talking about, but nothing gets it "more hairy."

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