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Stingray leather ladies wallet?
stingray leather goods
check out here…
Ladies leather vs ballistic nylon wallet?…
or the leather version…
ballistic nylon,i don't like leather
Hello, I am looking for suppliers and importers of leather goods inUK.?
We are a manufacturer and exporter of ladies leather handbags and wallets and other small leather goods. We are currently supplying to many reputed retail outlets and departmental stores throughout Europe & US. We have the capacity to produce arounf 30,000pcs of bags and 50,000pcs of wallets per month. Any importers or suppliers interested to do business with us. Please write me.
send me a more detailed program as i have friends in the garment trade in the uk
I am looking for a Market in Delhi where in i can purchase Leather item?
I am looking for a Market in Delhi where in i can purchase Leather item like wallet and Ladies Bag in bulk for mine business
can you suggest me market in Delhi
at singhada chowk(motiakhan,sadarbazar) your items mayavailable in stock otherwise on order they are in position to deliver within time frame.
How to open the new market about the leather goods ?
we specialized export and professional manufacturer of ladies fashion bags, sports bags, traveling bags, cosmetic bags, wallets and belts in a wide range of styles and colors. They are made of genuine leather, imitation leather, pu/pvc, canvas, fabric and various quality materials. Monthly productions is 500,000pcs pvc belt,100,000pcs leather belts,100,000pcs wallets and 100,000pcs handbags, with our well established and effective managerial factory in china, we can offer you a fine quality ,great workmanship, prompt delivery as well as most competitive prices & no minimum per order, your exclusive designs are also welcome.
Make you agent in evry market and adverttise in B2B site.
Where in Dubai are all the wholesale markets?
Where in Dubai are the wholesale market for leather goods like wallets, ladies bags, laptop bags, card case, etc.....
You need to contact suppliers as you want to buy in bulk. There are hundreds of suppliers listed on B2B websites with contact details and product description. Try or You will find many suppliers in your local and from other parts of world too from these B2B websites. You can contact or call these suppliers for free from these b2b websites.
Cleaning patent leather designer wallet?
Mine got transferred color from other stuff n I brought it to the store in London. A lady yelled: ''Wonderful, now your wallet has new color''. I tried the same thing in a LV store in Singapore. The guy there told me: ''OMG, what happened? I can't believe it''. And that's all what I have! The LV's products are great but their service is just like **** >"< So anyone have any other recommendation? which cleaner should I apply on it? It's Vernice. Thx guys.
Try a bit of Cif bathroom cleaner but try it on a bit of the wallet that doesn't show first.
Which wallet do you like more?
In Europe right now so i feel like getting a really nice European leather wallet. These are my two choices and honestly can't choose between the two.

I asked this question before but everyone said "I like the black one" but they are both black which doesn't help, so just answer "Top one" or "Bottom one" lol.

(Top one)…

or (Bottom one)…
they look almost exactly the same...but i guess ill go with the top one
Christmas gift for fiance?
Should I get her a dooney and bourke wallet? Some ugg boots? Or a dooney and bourke purse.....

She has tons of purses, but i dont think any dooney and bourke, and she mentiones needing a new black leather wallet. She is also interested in ugg boots. I was just not sure about spending 190 on a wallet when the purses are around the exact same price....What do you ladies think.

By the way, her other gifts are a GPS system, A new digital camera, A north face jacket, and some ed hardy T's.
She has gotten more then enough!!! I would like to know what you are getting!!!
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