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What information are Latin moms looking for on the internet?
About raising their guyren, foods, culture, and products for her..
what websites?
Are latino men from Mexico very possesive men,very controlling &latin moms are too involved in their?
Are latino men from Mexico very possesive men,very controlling & are Mexican moms atoo involved in their guyrens' relationships ?Are Latina women more fiesty and quick to fight their man?

Are Latino families prejudice against whites?
Are Latino men attracted to black women?

Do Latinos have issues with Whites?
Wow, we're not into stereotypes too much, are we?

Some Latino men, from many countries including Mexico, may be more "possessive" in some ways. It's referred to as "machismo" if I am not mistaken. But not all Latino men are like this, and among those who do, some do it more than others.

There are plenty of white men who are possessive as well. Unlike some parts of the Latino culture, "white" culture doesn't necessarily support that type of stuff.

Mexican mothers are right to be "too involved." If more American parents would become involved more, we'd probably have a little nicer society.

Latinas can be feisty and can be "quick to fight their man." But so can women from other places. I don't know if Latinas are more likely to be feisty or fight, even though it's a common belief.

SOME Latino families are prejudiced toward whites. Likewise, SOME white families are prejudiced toward Latinos.

I have observed that some Latino men like black women. I have observed that many black men are attrated toward Latinas more.

Some Latinos have issues with whites. But we all have issues with each other, don't we?
Where to advertise for Latin Moms?
Trying to attract the hispanic market for my baby business, any sources please?
Hi Magali,
I am also a Latin mom with a jewellery business, if you are targeting the hispanic market, depends where are you located, there is one group called Alianza Hispano Canadiense de Ontario, you can also contact the mexican consulate in Toronto, they have a team that helps you to review your business and find possible customers, you can also contact the different consulates of Latin countries, there is also a magazine called Canadian Immigrant, Toronto Latino.... some ideas, I hope it helps
I need some good latin quotes about moms.?
I am looking for some latin qutoes about a mothers love. I want to get a tattoo for my 3 guys so it cant be to long. I want something thats shows a mothers undieing love for her guys!
A Mother's love for her Daughters will never die. [Numquam matris erga filias peribit amor]
To love my mother. [Meam amare matrem]
I live for those I love. [Eis quos amo vivo]

I used to study Latin; but Now i forgot a lot :S
Hope some of these are quite good!
Is there anywhere I can have full Latin translations for Cambridge Latin course?
Unit 2, 3rd Edition please. I'm homeschooling this year, and the only way I can graduate is if I pass Latin 2. My mom needs a way to check my translations, since she doesn't speak fluent Latin.
You could always use Google Translator.|en|
Should I take Latin or Spanish in High School?
I have to take a foreign language (and I'm not exactly an A/B student). My mom said Latin because it would help with Language Arts and vocabulary, and it's not exactly "conversational". My friends and a teacher from last year (that happened to overhear this conversation with my friends and who happens to be the Spanish teacher) said Spanish would be easier. Some realistic advice please!
Take Spanish. It will help you out later in life. I have been amazed about how much I have had to use my 5 years of high school Spanish (my high school was 8-12 grades) in the years since I graduated high school. I worked in retail for a few years in high school and college, and I had a few occasions where I actually had to converse in Spanish to sell items (and no, I don't live in Florida, Texas, or California). The language is not that hard to learn-- the hardest part is learning the verb tenses. Not to mention that you can impress friends by being able to read "the other set of instructions" that come with everything you buy!
Mom from Latin America, Dad from America. (Pictures Please)?
I am writing a book, and one of the main GIRL characters has a Latin mom and a white dad. i kind of can get the feel of what she looks like, but i want to make sure. So send in some pics!

She has a Latin mom and a white dad. She is 16 years old. THX! PICTURES!!!!!!
Maiara Walsh has a brazilian mom and an American dad.…
Reasons for learning Latin (encouraging my mom to let me study it)?
I'm currently homeschooled, and I was looking at studying Latin for fun as an elective. What are some good curricula to use? Has anyone ever learned Latin through homeschool or taught it to their daughter? My mom doesn't know the language herself, so it would have to be a curriculum that assumes no prior Latin knowledge. Thanks!

Also, what are recitations?… and… . They're the ones my siblings and I use.

Why bother with Latin? Because it'll go a long way towards helping you with learning all those other modern languages that Jon advocates, as well as helping heaps with your knowledge of advanced English grammar and vocabulary. It's also a great mental workout, and helps with sharpening your overall thought processes. There's a whole host of reasons why Latin is so popular with both home educators and with the private schools not least it's reported that guys who've studied Latin do significantly better on the SAT/ACT tests than guys who haven't.

ETA Yep, Wheelocks and Henle were the other two latin courses for which I've heard heaps of good recommendations.
How do you say "no regrets" in latin?
i want a tattoo that says that on my ankle. so i went online and found out the meaning . and it said "haud desiderium" but then my mom (who took latin in college) said that thats not what it meant. she says it means something wishes. so im confused. is she right? or is the internet? . please help
Your mom's right. Desiderium is a weird translation - I'm not sure what that's got to do with regret, but I think the dictionaries mean it in the sense of "regretting that you've lost something" because desiderium really means "longing" or "desire." ("Haud desiderium" means "hardly any desire" - not something usually sought after in a tattoo).
"Nulla paenitentia" is probably the closest thing, but I'm not too keen on it. The problem is the sense of "paenitentia" shifted from the Roman era to the Christian era, so you could either read it as "no regret" in the Classical sense or "no repentance" in the Christian sense. The religious significance of the idea in Christianity kind of colors the term in a way that didn't exist in the pagan mindset.
What can I do if my mother overtake me to copy Latin versions from Internet? What excuse can I use?
For example... "Hi mom! I'm watching on the Latin site to correct my version!"... I CAN'T SAY IT BECAUSE IT WOULD BE THE SECOND TIME! (And the first was terrible because I said that I was trying to reset my computer and she didn't believe me and she punished me with a horsewhip). Help!
Flagellum matris tuae meres.

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