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Would a lesbian be smarter than a wise latina woman in the supreme court?
or will they be equally obamunistic?
Equally 0bamunisitc from what I have seen.
I'm a Latina Lesbian and I have to choose between my family and my gf...I need a lesbian latina helpline!?
My family is making me choose, I've chosen family but I don't feel I made the right choice, but if I go with my gf then I get kicked out of the house, and my mother said that I'd no longer be her daughter. Who can I call to talk to someone about this. I prefer a lesbian latina help hotline rather than just a general help hotline because I may run into someone who doesn't understand my culture. But if there isn't I'll take anything. Any and all help is appreciated.
Let them know that if they truly loved you, they wouldn't make you choose between your family and who you are. Let them realize how ridiculous they're being.

Or just hide your relationship until you move out...

Look, in the end, it's your choice---but personally, I wouldn't do what "Jamie" said down there. Life isn't a fairytale, and if you're reliant on your family, you're reliant on your family.

║Those who regard a freedom from the false morals and obsolete
║practices regarding sex or religion as debauched are doing naught
║but corrupting their minds with foolishness.

║My morals come from compassion; my compassion from
║understanding. And I seek to know and understand... everything.
Are there any lesbian studs, especially black/Latina studs that are into mixed medium/brown dark skin girls?
It's like most of the ones are just doing the same the males, most African-American/Latino dudes that are all into light skin girls (White, light latinas, and light skin black girls). But the only time both groups even look at the medium/brown, and very dark skin girls is just for sex or they have a nice body or something.
Of course! Not every girl is into the same thing.
Latina lesbians, do you like asian girls?
I'm vietnamese and lesbian. i find all sorts of women attractive but I find latina girls very attractive. Especially ones with darker complexion and features. This is strictly speaking of appearance. Any latina lesbians find viet/chinese chicks attactive? I know my question is very vague, and in the end it all depends on the individual, but how many latina/asian lesbian couples are out there??
i love latinas too, oh and im a male lesbian ; )
Where do all the sexy latina lesbians hang out in Dallas,Tx?
I'm trying to find a new club or spot to chill.
One of them moved to Houston, and then Rhode Island. And then met a lovely woman, and lived happily ever after.

Sorry, hun. :D
I like asian and Latina bisexuals and lesbians, where do i find those at?
i mean in the USA, like on websites , which websites? (not x rated porn sites please)
I'm a latina lol
Are asian girls into lesbian sex?
I always see white girls and latina girls that are into lesbian sex but I've never seen asian girls into it. I'm just wondering but are asian girls into lesbian sex as well?
Totally. There's tons of videos about it.
Hetero's are hetero's, homo's are homo's and bi's are bi's. What has race got to do with it?
Do latina lesbians say "ay mami"?
i have been wondering this for awhile now and can't stop thinking about it. its always on my mind...when i am eating breakfast, when i am walking, when i am in class, when i am showering, when i am sleeping, when i am exercising, and even when im eating. please put me at ease. i cant even search it because my school monitors the websites. it would be nice to get some answers!
Lesglish is their secret language. No one but lesbians understands it. They say things like that, and other strange words, for the same reason you and i say things...we want to communicate.
Do white, Asian and Latina/Hispanic girls like black girls?
So, do White, Asian and Latina/Hispanic (yes, I know that Hispanic is not really a race but this applies to white hispanics, black hispanics, etc.) GIRLS like Black GIRLS? As in, these girls are bisexual or lesbian or bi-curious and are attracted to black girls?

Why or why not?

Would you, being non-black, date one?
OF COURSE! why not -_-
i am latina and ive had a crush on golden brooks for ages.
Ive seen a lot of beautiful black girls that people dont agree with me are, but its exactly that that makes them so beautiful, their unique looks, and that amazing skin color.
OK, how do you think about asian lesbian teen?
I will move to different private high school next year,
and I found out that my next school have Gay Straight Alliance..

I'm thinking about joining the GSA at next school, but I wonder
how other students going to react to me..

Plus, (For any race, especially Latina), Do you find asian lesbian teen
I'm making straight A's in school, I am part of orchestra member, I usually wear Banana Republic/J.crew/Urbanoufitter, and I play cross-country although I am not really masculine,,,
Anyway, do you think other girls will find me attractive?
I am sophomore in high school,, Oh, I feel so desperate when many guys ask me out but zero girls!!...
Oh, and I am kind of shy,, and I always talk to my asian friends..

Please answer my question... and give me some advice about dating other lesbian girls.. How can I start? Can I just talk to her during lunch time and say that your eyes are so beautiful and how do you think about me?
I think they will think I am so silly,,, how do YOU think you will going to reack if an asian girl at your school approach to you and say these gay compliments to you ?
Oh.... God... Please help me, I really want to date somebody when I am fresh and young.
I don't think you'll have as hard of a time as you think.
while by my experience private schools in general tend to have a more close-minded attitude towards homosexuals, anyone different, etc, etc, I have also found that many very accepting individuals can be found in those same schools.
The ratios are always different depending on the school, but I'd say that if they have an official GSA club then that's a very very very good sign.

Just be yourself, try to hang out with a wider range of people.
I'm sure you'll find someone.
I met my first boyfriend at a GSA at my highschool and our relationship was a blast!

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