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Does this sound good for my lesbian slumber party?
I got some martinis and double-enders. Me and my girlfriends are gonna have fun!
Gee, we didn't do that at the lesbian slumber party I went to a few months ago. We drank beer and had a potluck, had a pajama contest (it was a tie between me and some femme... We had the same pj's on... skiing polar bears flannel pjs!). There was a make out session with my best friend and the oldest woman of the group, is about as risque as it got.
Is it wrong for a lesbian and bisexual to have a slumber party?
Ok I asked out my lesbian friend and she said no. Well, we still flirt and stuff. I still sort of like her so it hurts my heart sometimes but I really do see her as my close friend and want to be there for her and have slumber parties and stuff. Still, I wonder if us staying over at eachothers houses wouldn't cause bad things to happen that may hurt me more or risk being discovered by parents.
na it should be find im bi and my ex girlfriend is and we sleep over at eachothers houses all the time and my parents dont know about how we used to be, somtimes it hurts i bit cause i have feelings for her but i feel its worth keeping a friend ship.
My moms a lesbian and has been secretly recording my slumber parties and friends in the shower?
what do i do shes my mom should i report her
The rule is you don't call the cops on family. Now tell her to destroy it before she does a 10 year minimum for posession of guy porn, This is very serious, I mean if it's on a computer destroy the hard drive, cause you just told Big Brother that your Mom is a serious law breaker.
What are some good lesbian type games for a slumber party?
are there even any type of those kinds of games?
Guess Who

You blindfold one girl, and then have her finger another. Make her guess who it is.
My younger sister (15) was having a slumber party so i put a camera in there?
to see what they did, and my sister and her friends started masturbating! and later in the tape they started finger each other and kissing then my sister left the room and got a high lighter pen and a banana and they started using it on each other... I had no idea my sister was a lesbian she seemed totally normal... should i tell my mom that my sisters is gay/??
Hey, this guy shares the same hobby as me! Awesome!
Why did she invite me?
last week my lesbian friends samantha and nicole invited me to their lesbian slumber party with our lesbian friends and when i got their i was uncomfortable but as the party went on i became more comfortable and enjoying my self and the other girls were pretty comfortable with me their. but heres my question why did they invite me and why were they comfortable and ok that i was their i am straight and i have known them for a long time
They perhaps think that you can be like them. Tempting you. My suggestion is if you feel uncomfortable,, then don't participate with them. Be who you are and let them be who they are. You can be friends,, but that is all you can be if that is what you want in your relationship with them.
Did miley cyrus really have lesbian pictures on the internet?
when did this happen and what site are they on, i just want to know if its true. i heard something about slumber party pics but no one made a big deal of it, is that what the lesbian pics are?
its a bunch of pics that they took in a hotel with her friend: 1918.com/article.php?article_id=7…

hope it helped!
What kind of things should we do at our slumber party?
It is an all girls slumber party, Look, I'm sick of perverts... Nothing like

"Take each others panties off"

"Have tickle parties"

I'm not a lesbian, and we're only 12. Anyways. I plan to invite 5 or 4 girls, and we'll probably go to bed in my room, since my room is large, but if that doesn't work out, we may sleep on the pull out beds, we have 4. Anyways, I already have swimming down.

I was thinking we can play Tennis, or Basketball, I don't know if my friends would enjoy it though, eh, give me your ideas, please.. I want to make it awesome!
->board games ex:monopoly
->play karaoke
->watch a movie or go to the movies
->do each others hair (maybe)
->go to the mall
->bowling or skating
Lesbian and a straight girl movie?
Me and my gf's were going to have a "slumber party" in 2 days and I was wondering where to find a good video that has a straight girl in it that is unexpectedly seduced by a lesbian. I am having a really hard time finding the video, so if know one with this scenario (yeah iknow big words!) please tell me!

(The reason why I need this video is because i'm inviting some straight girls to my party and I want everyone to be "in the mood".)
better than chocolate,loving annabell,any season of the L word,go to net flicks or LOGOonline and look for more ideas.an old one is finger smith
Does this make you bi or a lesbian?
My friends and I have slumber parties and at the last two we played spin the bottle and kissed each other. It's usually just a quick peck on the lips and that's it but when it landed on one of my friends we kissed for a long time and I kind of liked it. She did too. Lately we have been secretly making out a lot with out anyone knowing it but it's just making out and nothing else. I love to make out with Leah and that's it! I have a boyfriend that I love and I don't see her in that way for anything else. Does it mean I'm bi or a lesbian ?
you're just experimenting. you seem very young, so i wouldnt worry too much about labels. The main problem is that you are cheating on your boyfriend, despite this girl's sex.

You're not really bi or lesbian until you have relationships with other girls. you're probably just straight but enjoy making out with this girl.

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