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What is it about a man in uniform that's so appealing?
I've been chatting up this charming sailor online, and while I like his personality, I also can't help but love his online profile pictures of him in uniform. For some reason, the uniform makes him even MORE appealing! Now I'm curious what the other ladies think makes a man in uniform so attractive?
I think that uniforms are just appealing because it makes a man look 'well put together', and if it's a man in the military or in a postion of authority (like a police officer, firemen) there's a feeling of being 'protected'.
Why do women love a man in uniform?
I'm planning to join cadets, I'm 13 and in Canada, I've wanted to join since I was 4 how and I want to join the program for the program, but I was also wondering why women love a man in uniform and also which they would find more attractive an army or air cadet?
because it is sexy and also he looks like a guy who would protect you.
What is it about a man in uniform that women are supposidly so attracted to?
So what gives? i mean you "Hear" about this supposid attraction all the time. What is the root of it? what is it that draws all ya'll women into the realm of fantasies with someone in uniform?
Well it's either the women being attracted to a hard working man who has responsibilities or it's a sex fantasy that the girl might want to enjoy! XD
Girls do you think a man in uniform is sexy?
Not necessarily a man dressed in an actuall uniform, but if you met say a Marine and he met all your other requirments, like personality, athletic, etc. Would it be a plus? If so what "uniform" would you prefer? any reason why?
Yeahh lol I love firefighters! <3
Any other girls love a man in uniform?
GI Jane is one of my favourite movies simply cos of all the tasty soldiers to perv on. Police come a pretty close second. What is it about the uniform that is so sexy?
yes I love a guy in a uniform. It is unity, authority, security, neat,
regimented, professional, organizational, powerful, & it is an icon.
For me it is a No-No somehow to undress a man in a uniform.
It's risque'. It's like going against the grain. And I love breaking
What is it about about a man in uniform that makes him irresistable?
I was sooo flirting with the janitor for like 15 minutes.
All those keys... I know one is the key to my heart, I just know it
Do girls like a man in uniform more than a civilian?
Who would you date the serviceman or the civilian if they were kind of the same and you had to choose? Do girls like military guys? If so why? If not why?
It depends on the guy. Personally, I prefer civilian guys...I get intimidated by army men. I respect and admire them, but I don't think I would date one. Again, it really just depends on the man.
Is it okay to compliment the appearance of a man in uniform?
I don't want him to mistake my approval of his appearance for approval of what he is doing to innocent people in other countries.
Saying "your uniform looks tight" is ok.
Saying "you look good in your uniform" is gay
Do women really like a man in uniform?
I am so curious about it! Do women have a special feeling about uniform?
It always depends what uniform...
Army, fire truck, or police, ooh yummy. Even chef :)
If it's like, fast food clerk uniform, forget it!
When people say that a man in uniform is hot and the clothes end up on the ground?
must the man be sweating?
If not he will be sweating once I get through with him.

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