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Question for the girls about Male Frontal Nudity in movies?
Just watched Bruno. What a big mistake but a question for the girls. Is it a turn on or off to see male frontal nudity in movies?
Turn OFF! Male genitals are so utilitarian and even if the guy is super hot I still cringe a little when I see their junk. For example, the fight scene in Eastern Promises... Viggo Mortenson is so cute, but I almost had to fast forward though that whole scene. Ugh!
In rating nudity in movies, why do people always equate a female breast to a male penis?
They are not of the same calibur. At most, you'll see a large puff of female pubic hair. You never see female genitalia. So why do people always complain that female nudity is so much worse in mainstream films?
I need to go masturbate now.
How can I get my parents to lossen up on nudity in movies and video games?
I don't wnat to see it, but i hate how i have to cover my ears and eyes in movies, and i can't play certain video games for it. I'm almost a teen and i think it's time to get a little more freedome.
don't ask them or talk to them about it. just show them you are mature and responsible. if they see you are mature then they will loosen up to you watching/playing things.

answer mine:;…
IF you belive guy nudity in movies is acceptable, WOULD you allow your own guys to do that?
I'm not asking this quesiton for people who believe guy nudity (nonsexual of course) in film is wrong. There have been hundreds of films (mostly European) with guy nudity. I want to know if those people who don't take issue with it would allow their own guyren to act in such a role?
If I had a guy who was offered a role that involved nudity I would allow it under some very rigid conditions: 1) It must be totally non-sexual 2) I or my spouse must be present on the set at all times where there are scenes involving my guy 3) I would insist on the right to halt any situation that is inappropriate in any way 4) I must totally understand the exact nature of the scenes that involve nudity 5) my guy would only be nude while the cameras are rolling, no standing around nude while waiting for the next scene to be set up or between multiple takes. 6) the number of people present during the filming of nude scenes involving my guy would have to be reduced to the absolute minimum that are needed for that scene. 7) I reserve the right at any moment to say "we're done" and withdraw my guy from the movie.
In rating nudity in movies, why do a lot of people equate a female breast with a male penis?
They arn't the same calibur. You'll never find exposed female genitalia in a mainsteam film (at best, you'll find a big puff of female pubic hair), so why are people always complaining about how female nudity is worst than male nudity in films. A little help here...
How often do you see any male nudity in a mainstream movie? Not very often, one I can think of. And even then if was a comedy and caused so much uproar. Female nudity is so common that it is hard to find a movie for adults that doesn't have at least one scene. A sex scene will certainly have the woman naked. (The man for some reason never seems to be, not that we can see him anyway)

However, females are naked at least half way in almost every mainstream movie. In a sex scene the women are always seen nude and almost on top......why?? So they can put even more nudity in the movie.

How about some equality?!?!?!

There are other positions AND most men also get naked to have sex. If female nudity must be in my face in almost every movie then it should be equal......more penis please.
What are some good horror movies without nudity?
I'm only 14, so I can't watch nudity horror movies. But I really enjoy getting freaked out, and I wondered if there are any good movies out there taht are scary without nudity.
(Swearing is fine, and so is alot of blood and intense themes... I really like that in a horror... :D)
1. Ring
2. Ring 2
3. Silent Hill
4. Hillside Strangler?????
5. Final Destination 1
6. Final Destination 2
7. Final Destination 3
8. When a Stranger Calls
9. Silence of the Lambs
10. Saw 1
11. Saw 2
What's your opinion on nudity in playboy vs nudity in movies?
I read an article earlier about Joanna Krupa posing for playboy and her questioning why feminists are in an uproar when someone poses for the magazine vs being in a sex scene or being in nude in a movie. So I was wondering what's you're opinion on it? Is it fair for people to judge someone so harshly for posing in playboy vs being nude in a movie? Why?
Playboy can be full frontal; whereas, most sex scenes just show breasts and simulated sex.

As an adult, I have no problem with nudity in general.

Btw, modern protests are probably b/c Playboy has always been on the feminist hit-list, since it was the first of it's kind to objectify women in mass media. (The post office in the 60's actually refused to deliver it through the mail b/c it was considered a violation of obscenity laws--then I believe the Supreme Court overruled).

I think Gloria Steinem did an expose that really nailed Hefner's Playboy clubs, so with that victory they just kept trying to roll over on it.
Does ANYONE else get uncomfortable with nudity in movies?
If you're watching it with your boyfriend? I appear to be the ONLY woman on earth (according to him) that is bothered by excessive female nudity in a movie we're watching together. Because it makes me feel like he's oogling her, it's my jealousy rearing its ugly head, etc. Can anyone tell me if female nudity in movies/on TV makes you uncomfortable to see your man watching it???
omg yes. lol you have no when me and my boyfriend went to movies which were usually rated R and some female nudity came up i could feel sweat starting to pour lol. I mean i kinda look at him wondering if he's looking because that would make me jealous, but i don't want him to think that jealous so i get a little jumpy and uncomfotable and kinda in a "wtf" mood. But my bf hates it if some hot guy passes by and i happen to look at him so yeah. doesn't make sense
What's your opinion on nudity in movies in hollywood?
To me it's something very cheap. I think it's like giving up your values for fame and money which is very similar to prostitution.
Personally, considering most nudity in films are, for the most part, female top nudity, I enjoy female nudity in films because I completely enjoy the site of a(n) (attractive) naked female body. However, I believe the nudity should be present only in film genres that are realistically more likely to have nudity, such as romance films or even some comedy films.

In romance films, characters in the film often engage in intimate sexual activity. In real life, after a romantic night, you might want to go in the bedroom, dim the lights, engage in foreplay, and knock boots with your partner. The same thing should apply in a romantic film. Therefore, for the most part, nudity should be primary in romantic films because nudity in more likely to happen in those instances. Furthermore, I believe nudity also well-establishes its place in comedy films as well, not just romantic comedies during a sexual scene. Some forms of nudity are not sexual. For example, in a comedy film, a character can be featured streaking during a sporting event for the laughs, or perhaps a girl can randomly get her top stripped off during a random event, as an embarrassment scene. Thus, nudity and comedy equals great mix, for, not only is nudity sexual, but it is also funny. My primary assertion; nudity completely lacks a place in horror movies. Also, do not even mention the mixture of "romantic horror;" they do not mix. In horror movies, people are supposed to be frightened and running from ghosts and killers with axes or something, or perhaps killer ghosts with axes. Horror films just seem out of place when they feature an incredibly big tittied girl in the shower or having sex, often before she gets murdered or for (often 2-D) "character development" with her boyfriend (or sometimes girlfriend) before they both get killed later. I have no idea what creators' intentions are; are they trying to get me scared or horny? They must pick one because both damn sure do not mix.
Why is there more female nudity in movies and 0 male nudity ?
Is it because all gurls nude look the same below ?
There is nothing interesting about seeing a guy who is naked. Only naked women are interesting to watch.

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