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Should i wear panty liners and how do i tell my mom?
Ok i have had discharge for like a year but lately it has gotten MUCH worse and is pretty much seeping through my underwear.It feels like im peeing my pants. Should i wear panty liners? And how do i ask my mom? Am i gonna get my period soon i have been getting other signs of pms? I'm 12.
Yes, you might be about ready to start your period. I would suggest telling your mom about this and asking if you can get some pads or pant liners. She's a woman--she should understand.
How do you get your toddler to stop peeing in their underwear?
My two year old has been a challenge for us when it comes to potty training, their will be times where she'll go consistently, then she'll regress and pee in her panties two or three
times a day. Have any of you experienced this same problem, what did you do about it?
my 2 yr old was hell too. she would have accidents during the day.mostly because she would wait til the last minute, and couldnt make it. then sometimes she would be so caught up in playing i think she would forget or maybe didnt feel the tickle? but have u or do u use pull-ups.? my daughter wouldnt pee in the pot if she had them on. but when i would take them off she would pee in the toliet, she would still have the ocasinal accident. she was kind of backwords though. first she stayed drie all night, but pee in her pants duing the day, but finally, she got better. some of my tips are, DONT GET MAD!!!! she can sense that and when its time for her to potty again, shell remember that anger and get a little freaked out. 2nd, praise her and get excited whenever she does good. like we did "yay! jayjay went pepe in the potty...yay big girl." stuff like that, and just be patient. shell eventually get it down packed. good luck, and i hope i helped a little in some way.
Potty training help- going by herself but peeing through panties?
So when bottomless or wearing dresses or skirts sans panties my nearly 2 year old does fine on the potty. If she had to go, she'll go sit on the potty and go, but when she's wearing shorts or pants, she won't pull them down, just go through them on the potty... Any tips on getting her to remove the clothing before going?

Also, what's a good reward system? I just clap and exclaim obnoxiously. How does a sticker chart work???
Well, my son is not amused with stickers so a sticker chart wouldn't work for him but every guy is different so if your little girl likes stickers then that will be great. We give my son the choice of one m&m, one jelly bean, or one extra story at story time. He LOVES choices and it's so adorable to watch him ponder as he looks at the choices in front of him.
As far as the pants situation goes, I would either work on having her tell you when she feels the need to go potty so you can be there to remind her or else I would refrain from using pants and shorts until she has the whole thing dialed down. Then when she's been "trained" for a few weeks solid I would reintroduce the pants and remind her her to pull them down when she goes.
3yr old who recently has been potty trained just started peeing on carpet and wont stop?
I try to keep a eye on her but there are times as most mothers know that we have to cook, clean and tend to house hold chores. She takes her panties off and just pee's on the carpet. I have yet to catch her doing it because she is obviously making sure its when I am doing something. Any ideas suggestions ???
She's trying to tell you she doesn't WANT to use the potty! Put her back in diapers until she's ready.
Im trying to potty train my little girl (2) should i punish her for peeing in her panties?
im trying to potty train my 2 yr old girl which i raise by myself should i punish her for not using the potty and peeing in her undies if so what kind of punishment should i use?
DO NOT PUNISH HER! I know it can be frustrating but you hav to let the accidents go for the first few weeks to a month (sometimes more deoending on the situation). My daughter was potty trained by her second birthday this is what I did:
I made a "chart" (a piece of paper with her name on top 1 half said PEE on top the other half said POOP) then I bought a **** load of stickers. I got her little potty seat and put it in the room we spend 90% of our time in and then also got a potty seat to go over the toilet and a still (so she wouldnt fall in). I took her pants off and just let her sit/watch tv/read on her potty. If I noticed pee in the potty she got to put 1 sticker in the pee section of the chart and we dumped the potty. She basically didnt wear pants for like 5 days and we didnt really leave the house either. I asked her prob every 30 mins to sit on the potty and made her sit for a few mins each time.

The second day no pants no leaving the house. I asked her TONS if she had to use the potty used the stickers again ect. By day 3 she was letting me know almost every time she went. And sometimes she went without telling me! Peeing and Pooping! She kept getting stickers filling her chart. (the whole time she was sleepingin pull ups. Once you start potty training diapers have to go use pull ups for over night she will need them overnight for a while still). After 5 days she was letting me know every time she had to pee/poop and had very few accidents.

A few tips: keep a potty in the room where ever you are most during the day.
Put her in pants that dont have snaps/buttons just elastic waists so she can pull them down quickly on her own (this takes practice too)
DONT be discouraging it is a LEARNED skill we are NOT born knowing that we are supposed to use the potty
Make sure you ask her about 20-30 mins after each meal/snack/time she drinks
Take extra undies/pants with you all the time
If going on a long car ride (more then 30 mins) bring the potty with you
Be loving and proud of her for learning/being big!
Did you wear panty liners while pregnant for pee?
I have a cold, and am coughing, and often have little amount of pee that seep out when I cough. (I know TMI)

have actually had little amounts of pee escaping when I sneeze, laugh hard, throw up...many reasons lol
How fun is that!?

Anyone else wear liners while pregnant because of escaping pee?
Yes ma' Much better wearing those than changing your pants every time. I agree with the other person, kotex is the best.
When i urinating a blood drop on my panty?
My normal menstrual cycle is during 7th day of the month.I had my last sexual contact between oct 31-nov 02.Last Saturday,nov.7 after i pee a blood drop on my panty.Im expecting that it will be the start of my menstruation.But it's not.There was no stain on my panty,the only staion left was the blood after i urinate.Im experiencing a light abdominal pain
that happened to me and it turned out I had a bladder infection..i went to the doctor and got antibiotics. try drinking cranberry juice also.
Why my gf wet her panty while i forced her to become nude?
i am 19 and my gf is also somewhere between 18 to 19. last week when i took her to a farm house i forced her to undress her self and swim naked with me but she refused totally then she agree to walk in her bra and panties but suddenly when i down her pant her panty is start wetting either she pee or some thing else then she start crying and refuse me to undress her! she is very shy? is this normal???
Fear, she's afraid of you. So am I, but my fear is what I would do to you if the girl was my sister.
Get some professional help!!! Soon!!!
My daughter keeps peeing her panties?
My daughter is 3 1/2 and keeps peeing her panties just a little bit before she has to go to the bathroom
i have tried everything any hints or ideas to get her from doing that
Wait a little more maybe she's a latestarter
Wow im peeing a lil when i sneez im 3 months pregnant?
im 3 months pregnant and ive noticed that when ever i sneez i pee on my panties a lil is that normal?
Yes. I just asked the doctor this recently. Wearing a liner in your panties will help. Right now I have a bad cold and sneezing this much is killing me. lol. Sorry hun. Good luck with baby.

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