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Lesbians/Bisexuals: What songs would you love for your girlfriend to play for you on the piano?
I've got down most of the Titanic theme song. I would like to learn Everything by Lifehouse and Butterflyz and/or Never Felt This Way by Alicia Keys I know a couple other songs but they aren't real romantic. What mood songs would you love to hear your gf play(say she knows how to play piano)
My heart would melt, if she played "Us" by Regina Spektor. It's not particularly romantic, but I love it.

"Never Felt This Way" is a beautiful song; I'd love for her to play that too.
Lesbians/Bisexuals: Is it sexier if a woman plays the piano or the guitar?
I'm better at piano but have been practicing guitar. In your opinion, would it be hotter if I played the guitar for a girl or the piano?
Well, it depends! I actually think it's cute when a girls plays a guitar xD
And I think it makes them look more sophisticated when they play the piano.

Probably piano:)
Would you consider a metal band that uses piano as "gay"?
Surely, you know what he means by "gay."

A friend of mine said that when I said that since "The Unforgiven" by Metallica was a slow and mellow song it would sound really good in the piano.

I was wondering if every metalhead thinks that way too.

Suggested category: Society & Culture > Cultures & Groups > Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered
No, gay in the sense of lame and in the sense of gay, no.

Pianos are awesome in any genre.
What's some good indie and/or lesbian music to listen to?
I've listened to Tegan and Sara, Ben Folds, Regina Spektor, Ani DiFranco, and some stuff like that so far, but I'm looking for some more!

Anything you can recommend in the indie/piano-rock/anti-folk/lesbian (sub)genres that's not too crazy would be great and really appreciated.

Thanks! Oh yeah, and I'm asking here because i love this section.
The Academy is…,
Air Traffic ,
Albert Hammond Jr.,
Amy Meredith,
Angus and Julia Stone,
Animal Collective,
The Arcade Fire,
Architecture in Helsinki,
Arctic Monkeys,
Art vs. Science,
As Tall as Lions,
Australian Crawl,
Band of Horses,
The Beautiful Girls,
Belle and Sebastian,
Ben Folds,
Ben Harper,
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club,
Bliss n Eso,
Bloc Party,
Blue King Brown,
Bob Dylan,
Bob Evans,
Bon Iver,
Bright Eyes,
British India,
Broken Social Scene,
The Chemical Brothers,
The Clash,
Cobra Starship,
Cold War Kids,
The Cops,
Counting Crows,
Crystal Castles,
The Cure,
Cut Copy,
Daft Punk,
Dandy Warhols,
Death Cab for Cutie,
The Decemberists,
Dirty Pretty Things,
The Dirty Secrets,
Does it Offend you, Yeah?,
Donavon Frankenreiter,
Dukes of Windsor,
Eagle Eye Cherry,
Eddy Current Suppression Ring,
Elliott Smith,
Empire of the Sun,
Eric Hutchinson,
The Filthy Youth,
Fleet Foxes,
Flight of the Conchords,
Franz Ferdinand,
The Fratellis,
Friendly Fires,
Frou Frou,
The Getaway Plan,
Goons of Doom,
The Holidays,
Hot Chip,
Imogen Heap,
J.J. Cale,
Jamie T,
Japanese Motors,
Jarvis Cocker,
Josh Pyke,
Joy Division,
Kaiser Chiefs,
Kings of Leon,
The Klaxons,
The Kooks,
La Roux,
LCD Soundsystem,,
Led Zeppelin,
The Libertines,
Little Boots,
Little Red,
Los Abandoned,
Lykke Li,
The Mars Volta,
Matt Costa,
Mickey Avalon,
Modest Mouse,
The Motels,
My Morning Jacket,
Neil Young,
New York Dolls,
New Young Pony Club,
Nick Cave,
No Age,
Of Montreal,
OK Go,
Olivia the Band,
The Panics,
The Paper Scissors,
Passion Pit,
Pearl Jam,
Pete Murray,
Peter Bjorn and John,
Peter Doherty,
Phantom Planet,
The Pigeon Detectives,
The Postal Service,
Queens of the Stone Age,
The Rapture,
The Real Tuesday Weld,
Red Hot Chili Peppers,
The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus,
Regina Spektor,
Scouting for Girls,
Seth Sentry,
She & Him,
The Shins,
Shout Out Louds,
Sigur Ros,
Simon and Garfunkel,
The Smiths,
Something Corporate,
Sonic Youth,
Stevie Nicks,
The Strokes,
The Submarines,
Sufjan Stevens,
Sugar Army,
Tame Impala,
Tegan and Sara,
Tilly and the Wall,
The Ting Tings,
Tiny masters of Today,
Tokyo Police Club,
Townes Van Zandt,
TV on the Radio,
Vampire Weekend,
Van She,
The Velvet Underground,
The Verve,
The Virgins,
The Walkmen,
We are Scientists,
The Wellington International Ukulele Orchestra,
White Lies,
The White Stripes,
Whitest Boy Alive,
Wolf & Cub,
The Wombats,
Xavier Rudd,
Yeah Yeah Yeah’s,
Youth Group,
Yves Klein Blue,
Zero 7.
Anyone have songs that are sung with JUST piano?
I need some to do. Sung by a girl, because if it says something about loving a girl, I'm not a lesbian... :P

Try ones that aren't that old, and good ones. :D

Thanks in advance!!
Us by Regina Spektor
Near to You by A Fine Frenzy
Almost Lover by A Fine Frenzy
Eileen by The Hush Sound
Lighthouse by The Hush Sound (it has some drums but you could play the song without those)
Shoreline by Deas Vail (also has drums but there not a major part of the song so you dont need them)
Passenger Seat by Death Cab For Cutie (sung by a guy but they dont talk about girls)
hope this helps!!
LGBT: Can anyone tell me what sort of activities & hobbies do gays and lesbians get into?
I used to work in a very nice fabric store, and this business seemed to really draw in gays and lesbians. I had worked with gays and lesbians and we had many customers that were gay & lesbian. They seem to really like fashion and designing their own clothing. Gothies also seemed to be really intrigued by designing their own clothes and I've worked with and waited on many of them too. Are the just turned on by the fabric? Do they enjoy doing this sort of work because our culture perceives fashion and designing clothing as an effeminate skill? Its also a known fact that gays & lesbians are drawn into the entertainment & music industry, and many of them are very highly talented. Like Liberachii, the Piano Player.......my mom really like him since she was into piano.

Also, are there any really informative books I can read that would talk more about the activities, hobbies and skills that gays and lesbians enjoy doing? I'm only curious about their psychology is all!
Honestly gay and lesbians like all different things just like straight people. You found they liked fashion because you worked in a fabric store. Had you worked in a sporting goods store you would have met gays and lesbians who like sports. There is no difference in likes/dislikes between gays and straights (in my opinion).
Y am I so interested in my old piano teacher ever since I found out she is a lesbian?
I am 18 and have been playing piano for nine years. My piano teacher sometimes has different people give lessons to me and from the time I was 13 until I was 14 I had a young teacher named Anna. She was 20 at the time. I adored her dearly though I never quite knew what about her enthralled me. My teacher is leaving the country for a month but my last recital is in April so she had to find a last minute fill-in...she found Anna.

Since I was 14, I found out Anna is gay and currently gas a girlfriend. Around the time she was my teacher I was questioning my own sexuality but attributed that to being 13 and bicurious, though I was never physical with another girl and always consider myself straight. Suddenly he prospect of Anna spending four hours a week with me for a month is makingme a bundle of nerves and I've found myself worrying about whAt to wear each lesson and all kinds of silly things that shock me. I've spent too much time loathing 'Calley' her girlfriend, who I only know through facebook though I'm not friends with either of them on facebook. Through all of these feelings I'm fearing it will be awkward when I start with Anna this week and I suddenly feel timid and confused. What's going on?
You seem like you were attracted to her before, and now your feelings are more "in your face" because you know she is a lesbian. It's likely that you have a very big crush from such a long attachment to her. Especially since you have stated that you are bicurious.

Edit: You were bicurious. I think it would be perfectly reasonable to believe that though you have settled, you still have that curiosity. Either way, it certainly sounds like a lesbian crush to me, out of admiration or sexual.
LGBT: Have you ever seen the movie "The Scarlet Pumpernickel"?
LGBT: Have you ever seen the movie "The Scarlet Pumpernickel"? I don't really think that's the actual name of the movie, but I can't remember what it is. My friend Daniel says that's the name of it and it's a gay themed movie about a lesbian piano teacher and her bisexual student. Only the bisexual student is in love also with a straight man who is a champion polo player.

Have you ever heard of this movie, or am I being lied to?

Thank you,
It's the Scarlet Pimpernel. The Scarlet Pumpernickel is the Daffy Duck spoof of the movie and book. And no, it is not a gay movie. The Scarlet Pimpernel is about an adventurer who rescues French nobility from the terror and smuggles them to England.
Stupid Piano Question: Are you EVER allowed to use your thumb to strike 2 keys at the same time?
I was told by my piano teacher that if I can't reach a chord to "roll the chord" or sometimes I can cheat and negate a note >_>...

I'm taking a piano course w/ a different teacher for the summer and I heard her say to someone you can smack 2 adjacent keys with 1 thumb... is that right?

I mean are you even allowed to do that...? I think if my other piano teacher saw me playing two keys with one thumb I'd be in some big trouble lol. Thoughts...?

Since you're already here what do you guys do if you can't reach a chord?

[Side note] While making this question, YA! suggested I post under : Society & Culture > Cultures & Groups > Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, and Transgendered :[...
It is not a stupid question, it is a question like any other..Yes, you can play two notes with your thumb ...I even studied some exercises that included this, in advanced piano playing (Virtuosity, 2 years)
Good luck..
I want to play the piano but...?
im 14 and i have never touched a piano in my life, i would love to be able to play it, well...but i cant afford a piano until i move out and i would probably end up teaching myself seeing as my parents disowned me when i told them i was a lesbian(i was 11 or 12),
meaning i am stuck with absolutely no college and film school help..they wont help me financially when i move out and dont consider me a part of the family...

i have clarinet experience and have been playing it/reading music since 5th grade. im going into 8th grade, and transferring schools at the beginning of next year because i have been recommended for a more prestigious school for higher academic goals, and this school has an outstanding music program. i was wondering...how many people can successfully become pianists when they learn so late in life? chances are i would be 18 or 19 before i could start...

also, i was concerned that i wouldnt be able to play the piano because it would be confusing to be playing a different part with each hand

but i type on the computer much faster than average, so maybe that would put me at a bonus as being able to work with my hands at a fast pace(average around 50-70 words per minute)

i have been recommended to join high-school band next year although i will only be in 8th grade

is it likely that i would be able to learn piano and become successful? sorry for repeating myself


EDIT: i mentioned filmschool because i would like to be either a fimmaker, or enter into the music business at an arts school, bor symphany orchestra or maybe even a career as a singer...but i know, it is EXTREMELY Hard to make it big in the music buisness without a boost into the spotlight
You can but it will take ALOT OF PRACTICE. and don't think that you'll start playing songs. You will have to do about one year of just reading notes, and really tedious stuff that you just keep doing notes with your hands. TRUST ME> lol, it takes a lot of work, and chances are, not to be rude, but it's like the chances of becoming a famous actor. It's very unlikely(i dont want to burst your bubble, keep dreamin big) but just no the reality too. But GO FOR IT> i love piano. It's amazing. it's a beautiful instrument

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