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Swollen legs?
My moms legs are swolen at the top,, its stopping her from walking long distances. She is on numerous tablets but still doesnt understand why they feel tight and swollen.
Any help?
has she been checked for DVT's (blood clots)? what about lasix or aldactone/spironolactone? it is odd that they are swollen only at the top. she needs to see a specialist because that just isn't normal, even in people with circulatory problems
Swollen legs?
i have a TBxID who gets very swollen legs when he's in his stable, especially now as he can't go out as much. walking and turning him out makes it better but as soon as he's in, it starts. i put bandages on but the swelling just went further up his leg so i took them off and try to reduce his time in the stable as much as possible. diet: he's in hi-fi lite, speedy beet and conditioning nuts as well as hayleage.
any suggestions how to reduce the swelling? please ask if there isnt enough info and check back as i'll answer.
Firstly - how much haylage are you feeding because you should be feeding a third of what you would if it was hay. It's has a much higher nutritional value than hay - over 10% more.

I would then consider sweating his legs over night, 2 or 3 times per week using a mixture of dex, furazone and dmso . I would apply it in the evenings to clean legs and then remove it and hose the legs before turning out in the morning. I'd do it for no more than 2 or 3 nights in a row and then leave it off a week. It can help a lymphatic system that is a bit sluggish. We had polo ponies that would really stock up behind when stalled so that's how we managed it and it really can reduce the size.
Swollen Legs?
This Q isn't for me, but I wanted to ask because I am very concerned with my brother who doesn't really do anything about it, and when he does, the doctors don't.

Basically he is a big lad, he's 19 and large, but his legs, right leg especially is incredibly swollen. even applying light pressure is painful for him and I'm really worried about him :(

He also can make indents with his finger in his leg to which is worrying, as these can sometimes be several cm deep.

Has anyone heard of a similar case?

He won't really do much because he says he doesn't care about himself and he has low self esteem and has clinical depression.

I just really want to help even though we spend most of our time at each others throats as I'm his younger 14yr old sister.
Google, Edema. This is what the problem is. It will list different reasons for this ailment and solutions to help ease the symptoms. Your brother weather he thinks he needs to or not needs to see a doctor, be frank with the doctor and tell them " hey I know I am overweight don't tell me that...tell me what I can do to make my leg better". Some physicians can only see a large person and don't get beyond that..his depression could be caused by being uncomfortable and in pain all the time.

ADDED: Edema can eventually cause leg ulcers and sometimes it can be so severe that they have to amputate the affected area...it is not something to ignore.
Are swollen legs and feet normal after delivery of a baby?
My wife just had our first guy, her legs and feet started swelling a day after. Both her legs and feet are swollen now.
Yes,unfortunately it's normal. All that fluid from her belly during that pregnancy has to go somewhere and it spreads mostly to the feet and legs . She should also use the restroom a lot too which is another way the fluid releases itself from where it's been resting for 9 months. Before you know it, she'll be back to her normal self again. Just give it some time
Diabetic with swollen legs, what should I do to reduce the swelling? What could be the cause?
I'm diabetic with swollen legs and feet and don't know how they got that way, what should I do to reduce the swelling of my legs and feet?
I'm going to second "Scratch the Surface's" answer. That's exactly what happened to my mother when she gave up on exercising and wouldn't watch her diet. It's probably not too late to peruse this very helpful website:

Pay particular attention to the "Star McDougallers" pages. www.drmcdougall.com/star.html The body is amazing at healing itself once it's given the proper foods and some mild (but consistent) exercise.
How to cure swollen legs and feet?
After sleeping in a sitting position for about 10hrs, both of my friend's legs and feet are swollen. This is the first time that thing occured to him. Is this curable? Im so worried that that might get worsen like what I've seen from other people. How does he retrieve the original form of his legs and feet? Will that be forever? What must he do?
Sleeping in sitting position for such a long time would make his lower extremities to swollen up due to lack of good circulation and accumulation of fluids all the way down. It would be good to know if your friend is still having his legs and feet swollen after getting up and walking. Perhaps he is OK now other than that would be important to get medical advise. They are several causes that make legs swollen so feet, going to the extreme and just to mention two: renal and heart conditions. After sitting long time, it is a good idea to lye flat on bed or floor and rest legs straight up on wall. If not able to do so then stretch legs, shake them and don't sit again, wait for blood to flow so circulation gets restored. If is a must to sleep in sitting position elevate legs. I hope this helps.
Anyone who has hypertension medication which causes neck pain and swollen legs?
Hi. my mum has high blood pressure. She complains daily of neck pain and swollen legs. could this be caused by her medication or by the high blood pressure?
neck pain and swollen legs may be due to cardiac failure due to hypertensive heart disease. antihypertensive drugs can cause swoolen legs specially ace inhibitors and calcuim channel blockers group of drugs but they do not cause neck pain. go see her doctor.
What can i do about sore swollen legs?
Im 30 wks and 2 days pregnant and my legs are really sore all the time, my ankles are very puffy and swollen. If I walk even a short distance my legs really hurt for hrs after. Is there anything I can do to help this?
Drink plenty, I know youre full of fluid but this helps flush the guyneys, elevate your legs when resting, raising the foot end of the bed could help too. If the weather is hot you will swell more but cankles are pretty much the norm in later pregnancy especially in warmer weather.
How to stop swollen legs in pregnancy? 34 weeks pregnant?
My legs are getting swollen, and I also pulled a leg muscle in my sleep!!! That is like the worse pain ever! Is there a way to make the leg swelling go away, any preventive measures?
OMG i feel your pain i am in the same boat as you. I am due october 13 and am 33 weeks pregnant. I never had my feet swell this bad not even when i was pregnant with my daughter this pregnancy has taken a toll on my body completely!! What helps is using comfortable shoes and ones that have alot of cushion!! Use sandals but the soft ones or else if you haven't gotten them already your feet will burn with blisters on the bottom from the weight you are caring. Oh and the muscle thing that hurts soooo bad its not even funny. What i see that helps is putting pressure on it or getting up and moving your leg alot it takes it away faster it still hurts like a mother but it helps ease the pain faster. Good luck with your labor and i wish you the best.
*Mother of 2 year old and 33 weeks pregnantt :)
Is it normal to have swollen legs & ankles from sunburn?
Hi, well I know I might seem stupid for allowing to get sunburned in the first place, BUT, I fell asleep and now I seem to be sunburned all over. Especially my legs which are incredibly swollen.

I was just wondering is it normal and will it go down on it's own?
This does not normally happen. It should go down on its own.

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