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Teenage nudism resorts?
Im a guy and im 16. I live in scotland, and im wondering if anyone knows of any nudist resorts in scotland?
You will not be allowed into any resorts without your parents. There are at least 9 nude beaches in Scotland that you can go to. Check the links, some of which are not safe for public viewing. You should investigate joining some local naturist group or whatever the British national naturist group is, if you are sincere about being a naturist, not a horndog.
Moms, would it bother you if your teenage son wanted to be nude around the house?
I have been a nudist since I was 16 but never in front of my mother becasue I don't know how she would take it. I only practised nudism at the beach. Would it bother you if your teenage son wanted to be nude at home or in the yard? Would you encourage it or maybe take the liberty yourself to get nude too?
While I'm not a mother yet, I don't see any problem with it. I became a nudist when I was a teen and my mother hated it. I'd like to be able to say I'm a cool mom who let her guys be nudists if they want to and give them the chance I never had.
My significant other downloaded these pictures. Could he get into trouble?
He put on a cd pictures from a pure nudism site. The majority where of adult women but there was some of teenage girls around 16 and 17. This site sends him daily nudism pictures. I know nudism isn't illegal but isn't posting pictures of age guyren on the internet illegal? Could he get into trouble for downloading and saving to a cd the nudism pictures of the teenage girls?
The US Supreme Court has ruled that as long as the images do not portray sexual or prurient behavior, they are legal. Otherwise every parent with photos of their guys in the bathtub, or running around in the back yard under the sprinkler in the nude would be illegal.
Is nudism a revolutionary tool, especially to teenagers, that should be embraced?
I am just beginning to learn about my sexuality and develop some views and personal morals. One of the things I have just read has pushed me into a belief that nudism truly IS the best way to deal with sexuality within teens, is that, in the Netherlands (a place where there is very little restrictions to drugs and sexuality) teens are 9x less likely to get pregnant than in the US (where the social boundaries are much stricter.) I am thinking this is because teenagers want to see the other side. Why are adults making such a HUGE fuss about this thing called sex? I have also learned other things about sexuality, maturity and phsycology that seem to point to this.
One of these things I read on Wikihow, which suggests that guyren who are not allowed to run naked, or nudity is shunned, are more likely to proceed in sexually negative attitudes. I have also heard from my summer camp councellor, a few years ago, that the teens that go to the boarding school he worked at, where they are basically allowed to do whatever they want, seemed much more grown up and mature than those that are not. I grew up in an environment that was VERY much against nudity, sexuality or even the discussion of teenage life in general (ANYTHING that happens in parties) as a result I ended up INCREDIBLY messed up (to the point I am ashamed to explain the extent of my desires) and I think the ONLY thing that might have saved me from going down the wrong road was my girlfriend of today, who has been through what it is like to grow up in a broken family. I am reading stories about different peoples experiences with sexuality and it seems to me like the majority of them end up messed for TWO different reasons. Either;
1.) Like me, they felt they had NO say when it came to sexuality and their own lives and felt suppressed
2.) Like my gf, they grew up in families where the commitments had been smashed and they were not given ANY guidance on where to take their life.

Basically, the two extremes to each other. This is why I think that nudism might be the best answer. It provides the guy and teen with an environment that is free of any sexual restrictions, but it also gives the parents a chance to mentor their guys through any questions they may have. One of the primary problems, I am finding out, is that many parents hold discussion about sexuality as an absolute taboo. This then means that the guy is unable to express their sexuality and hence lack in an area that needs to be nurtured. On top of all the potential phsycological benefits I see in nudism, I see one FINAL reason nudism should be appraised, how often have you had to sit in a puddle of a soggy swimsuit, potentially full of sand, and the heat clinges it to your body, VERY UNCOMFORTABLE. How often have you gotten ABSOLUTELY soaked IN YOUR clothes and then had to spend the rest of the day in a puddle of your own filth, EVEN MORE SO. Nudists NEVER have to worry about this, and are NEVER so uncomfortable! Why, then, don't you just take those wet, uncomfortable clothes off and go bare. Apparently it feels SO much more revitalizing to swim nude as well. Remember those wooly swimsuits from back when they first came out, can you IMAGINE swimming in wool? Get with the times, nudism just makes more sense. I would LOVE to hear what you have to say to this, if you feel that I am missing something, PLEASE SHARE!! I recognize that there may be FAR more knowledgeable individuals out there than me and I would LOVE a second opinion on this. :)

Also, nudists, I am still a little bit old fashioned and I have A COUPLE of major issues with nudism.

1.) I feel turned on by nudity, what steps can I do to stop being such a pervert and just enjoy the social unity with nature and each other. How would you feel towards a person that is just becoming a nudist if they started to oggle you, completely unintentionally but just because of their messed up mentality.

2.) Does anyone feel that social nudity has deprived them from intimacy in a relationship? Do you feel jealous if you notice your spouse getting turned on by another person?
Nudism as a tool? I've not thought of it like that before, but yes, why not? What you have deduced about the effects of Nudism is absolutely right. Just one point where I disagree: It does not "provide the guy and teen with an environment that is free of any sexual restrictions". All the same restrictions that you would expect in textile society still apply; the difference is that you will find Naturists (nudists if you prefer) more open and able to discuss sexual concerns. This particularly applies to guyren feeling free to discuss issue with their parents as you said.

As for your points about soggy swimming costumes - I couldn't agree more!

For your numbered concerns:
1) You may be surprised just how quickly you will adjust - this surprises most people when they finally 'take the plunge'.

2) Many say that it enhances intimacy with their partners due to being more relaxed about their own bodies - body confidence we call it. I agree.

3) I will reinforce what others have said here. There are sites that use the title 'Naturist' to try and claim some respectability when they are really just porn site and yes I agree there are sites that peddle what are truly Naturist pictures, but having what we consider to be an over-emphasis on guyren, so we question their target market (we have refused to accept advertising from them for our magazine or website for this reason).

I will leave you with this quote I found a while ago:
"It's been shown that young boys raised in a puritanical environment have a greater interest in pornography. Girls raised in a puritanical environment tend to be more ashamed or fearful of their bodies. Guyren raised in a nudist family are comfortable with their bodies and the bodies of the opposite sex. They're more likely to understand that the portrayal of the nude body in the media is hyped and false."
I am a teenage, closet nudist. How can I break it to my parents so that they can ease into my lifestyle?
I am fourteen years old, and have been secretly practicing nudism for two years. I have done extensive research on the subject and I have decided on this lifestyle, so please do not respond with comments that try to say that I am too young to know about anything or to try and stop me from continuing nudism.

Moving on. I have a very kind, accepting mother, and I have a feeling that she would accept my nudism if we talked about it for some time before anything more radical happens. In this area, I simply do not know how to initiate the conversation and calm her down. She knows, at the very least, that I sleep in the nude and do not wear underwear. I am also fairly sure that she has her suspicions. However, I would like to simply get it all out and let her become comfortable with such a lifestyle.

My father, however, is very stubborn. When I attempted to calmly explain to him that I am an atheist, he almost went on a rage. He threatened to take me away from the school which I love because it was an "episcopalian" school, and I was not a christian. Since then, I have attempted to explain the general tenets of my belief, including that I do not believe that one should follow moral codes because of a threat of punishment, such as Christianity follows, but because of a sense of morality in oneself. My mother was far more accepting of my beliefs, although she is a devout Christian.

I do believe I have rambled, but I was simply hoping to inform readers of the situation with enough information. I simply would like advice on a way to introduce my parents to my lifestyle without shocking them horribly.
Gradually may be the best way. Practice communicating with your parents and expressing your opinions on a variety of topics. The more you do this the better they will know and understand your thoughts and interests. If they just figure it out by getting to know you better then it will be unnecessary to say it in one short declarative sentence. You can just confirm what they have learned when they ask you about it.

You say that you've done extensive research so you presumably know that nudist/naturists are not on the fringe of society, but on the contrary are very much in the mainstream. You'll find butchers, bakers and candlestick makers. Have you ever heard that nursery rhyme? Seriously, there are teachers, firemen and all the people that you might meet in the neighborhood and workplace. This might be reassuring to your parents.

How are certain nudist sites legal?
there's certain nudism sites on the internet with full frontal pictures of naked girls who look to be between the ages of 7 and 15. they even have a teenage nudist beauty pagent. how is this legal?
Not at all period! if you know about them I would somehow report it. It does not need to be online. There are to many perverts out there who like them young. Please take action and report them to police and maybe save the guyren from being exploited and possibly raped . Please!
Nudists: I am SERIOUSLY considering the lifestyle but have a few issues to deal with first?
1.) I feel turned on by nudity, what steps can I do to stop being such a pervert and just enjoy the social unity with nature and each other. How would you feel towards a person that is just becoming a nudist if they started to oggle you, completely unintentionally but just because of their messed up mentality.

2.) Does anyone feel that social nudity has deprived them from intimacy in a relationship? Do you feel jealous if you notice your spouse getting turned on by another person?

3.) I know that traditionally nudism and sexuality are COMPLETELY separate things (nudists feel offended if people engage in sexual activities in the open, or even in the resort) One of the things I have noticed though, is that MANY of the nudist sites seems like they could almost be classified as soft-core porn. Almost ENTIRELY made up of pictures of naked people with minimal information, it also appears that these nudist sites seem almost to be an excuse for preteen guy porn. ex. purenudism.com boasts about their nudist beauty contest pageant DVD celebrating nudism in guyhood. What do you say about this? btw, the other day I was scrolling through some nudist information and tips and within 4 clicks I was on a legitimate porn site! I found this shocking :( the other thing I found kinda bad was that one of the subtexts on the site basically said, “who really cares whether this is porn or not?” This was on the site nudistlife.com, it also said, “nudist family photo albums are just like any other photo album, but sexier.” What do you say on all these issues? How closely is nudity to sex in a nudists mind? Do you know of any sites I can go on that are full of GOOD information, preferably by true nudists, that do not have nudist photo galleries on them, at least as the central point? I read a story when I was young, naiive and sex craved, about a young girl that had teenage sex with her boyfriend and her mom at a nudist colony, does that actually happen? Are you proud of all these libertarian aspects?

Please answer as honestly as possible, your answers really mean alot to me, and I am sorry if I have offended any of you by being so blunt
I'm gonna work backwards here. Because of the allure of nudity many porn sites try to disguise themselves as nudist websites. I know of only a handful of legit nudist websites that feature pictures of their members nude. In most cases, clubs, resorts, and groups don't publish many pictures. The Eastern European websites are absolutely geared towards people who have fetishes for pre-teen guys. Are the people in them legitimate nudists doing legitimate nudist activities...yes, but they are there to make a profit off of people who pay for that sort of thing. However, the law is the law and in many places these pictures can be legally seen. If that's your thing, so be it. Nonetheless it is still exploitation in my opinion.

I've been to many nudist resorts with several of my former girlfriends and my wife. Being nude socially has never affected intimacy. While it is not a normal thing for me to encounter, once I was with a girlfriend at a nudist resort. It was after dark and us as well as a few other couples found a quiet spot to be intimate with our respective partners. There was no swapping, but we were all in close proximity to each other and seeing and hearing the other couples make love only served to enhance our experience.

As for part 1...everyone looks. It is normal to look at people you are attracted to whether they are clothed or nude. If you become a nudist simply to ogle then you are becoming a nudist for all the wrong reasons. You're not a mental case if you know why you are doing it. Oglers usually don't have a long life-span in the nudist world. They are normally anti-social or too friendly. I've seen these types of people get shunned or in some cases outright removed even after only one or two complaints from someone.
Should I go to a nude resort with my Dad even though he's a nudist and I'm not yet?
My dad is 37 and is a nudist. I'm 15 yr. old teenage boy and I've never seen my dad nude and he has never seen me nude. He want to take him and me to a nude resort.He's been a nudist all his life I think nudism is cool and I want 2 be one BUT for some reason I don't have the guts 2. I don't really know what 2 expect. I think I will be okay bein' nude in front of him he is my daddy but I am a teen.I don't really know what 2 expect Do people stare down there,am I'm goin' 2 be the only teen there (it'll be awkward w/all adults). Will I fit in? What if I get an erection will people laugh or look at me weird? Do they have sport activites? Should I really go w/ my dad? Should I really become a nudist period?
The only thing that would make it awkward is your own reaction. Ask him to take you to a clothing optional one to start. You will soon see that being nude is not sexual and really is not a big deal.

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