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How do I naturally get rid of my white butt from tanning?
I dont want to go to a tanning bed, but I want to get rid of the white chest area and butt area that my bathing suit leaves behind. Help!
tan nude. duh
What kind of bug is this? it was bigger than an ant but kind of looked like an ant but it had a white butt?
We found 2 in our house within 12 hours of each other. My brother thought they were termites but I've been looking on-line and there aren't any termites that look like that. I also didn't see any ants that looked like it either. It was black/brown like an ant but significantly bigger with a white pouch or butt on the back. Both of them looked like this too.
Try the following site, it has a great picture guide for identifying insects.

I did a quick search for what you described, but you might have better luck, having seen it first-hand.
Why do so many White women want to have a big butt?
I don't get it.Since when do White men like big butts?White men control the media never once has they had a woman with a big butt as the standard of beauty(a think Barbie has alot 2 do with it 2).Also that's not a European gene.Not all White women but so many do.Big butts are only in the genes of 2 races.
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Why do white people love showing their butt cracks?
I don't go around looking but you can't help but notice especially with the white women. At the mall notice or when out white people butt cracks are always showing. Why is that?
Nice observation of people's arses...
How does a white boy butt feel like?
Im an asian dude, but ive wondered how does a white guy's butt feel like? does it get sweaty too?
yes it does actually.... but it is much better than an asian butt
I am black male age 28 is it okay to stare a white women butt?
My Black peers tell me it is wrong for me to stare at the butt of a white woman. They say I need to keep my eyes on my own race, but I am sorry my eyes keep wandering to some creamy vanilla white ladies.
How can i solve this problem without making my black people mad with me as they are really starting to take action against me for my misconduct in their opinion.
LOL. Don't worry about it. They are quite creamy.
What kind of spider is one with a big white butt with a red detailed stripe on its butt?
I was just outside and i have never seen a spider that looked like that so i just want to know if anyone knows what kind of spider this is.
If the spider is white all over, they could be a crab spider-

What spider has red legs and a white butt?
I just saw it and am curious what It is and if it is poisonous. Sorry I don't have any photos.
If it looked like this: www.calpoison.org/public/brown-re…

It's a brown recluse and yes, venomous
Does anyone actually know white people who have gotten butt/lip injections/implants or is it just a black lie?
I always hear black people talking about how white women get butt and lip implants but the only time i've ever seen anything like that is in porn, and those women look SO ugly. Does anyone actually know a sane, normal white girl who's intentionally tried to give herself black features?
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When I beat this guy at strip poker, what should i say or do when I send his white butt running home NAKED?
this guy in my college class keeps swearing he will beat me at strip poker.

we finally made a bet where we go to our friend's house and the loser has to run all the way home totally NAKED!!!

i know from his friend Amanda that he never tans lol thats why i wrote white butt

what would the funniest thing to say or do when his white butt is running out the door NEKKID??
You Say--My God Your Built Like A Girl!!!

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